10-11 March, Moscow

The first thing we noticed in Moscow was the milder weather – it couldn’t have been less than zero as we pulled into the railway station and located the driver who was waiting to pick us up. It took a while to locate our hotel, which had a particularly unassuming exterior, the entrance to which looked like nothing more than the back alley of a run-down apartment block. Walking up the four flights of stairs, we were both curious as to what we’d gotten ourselves into until we opened the door to the small, boutique hotel that was simple but …

8-9 March, Kazan and Train 1 to Moscow

We had chosen to stop over in Kazan to break up the long journey and to see the world-heritage listed Kremlin. At the end of our three-night train trip, we were glad to have made this choice, as another 12 hours on the train to Moscow probably would have been too much for us to endure.